Mardi Maxwell


ROLF'S BONDMATE (Zarronian Warriors 5)

Coming Fall 2017

Zarronian warrior, Rolf Stenson travels to Zhang for the Universal Council even though his mating fever is nearing its final stage. He has just enough time to fulfill his mission before his fever blazes out of control and turns him into a rampaging berserker. Guided by a Wrothian resistance fighter he journeys into the mountains to make contact with the mysterious mountain dwellers. He'll inform them that the corrupt Wrothians have been defeated and are being imprisoned on the dark side of Zhang, and then offer them the chance to move to the light side and join the new governing Council. When the mission is completed, he intends to leave his people and seek out a war where he can die a warriors' death on the battlefield.


Beautiful and sensuous, Amara lives in a community made up of many species who crashed on the dark side of the planet long ago. At twenty-six she's a cunning warrior who's earned the respect of the other warriors and her community. During a patrol of the land around her mountain home she encounters a group made up of four Wrothians and three warriors from an unknown race. While she watches them and forms a plan of attack the Wrothians turn on the unknown warriors. Even though the three warriors fight with primitive edged weapons they manage to defeat the Wrothians and their laser weapons. Her standing orders are to kill any intruder into their territory but the warriors have earned her respect and she decides to let fate choose their destiny.


Rolf wakes up in a damp, dark cell. Amara appears and teases him about how easy it was to defeat him and suggests that he hire a better trainer. He demands to be freed and promises future retribution. She never intended to keep him imprisoned and in fact was about to free him and lead him away from the hidden community. Unfortunately the community leaders, including er mother, show up and welcome Rolf and his warriors. They're released and the negotiations begin but the more Rolf learns about the community, especially Amara, the more he realizes that something important is being kept from him. 



The Doms of Club Mystique 7

Coming (hopefully) in late summer 2017


Marisol Rios and Thor Larkin traveled to Colombia to pick up Marisol's sister, Valentina, and take her back to Texas with them. Before they could accomplish that task they were kidnapped by Mendez and his men.

They're being held in the dark, rat-infested cargo hold of a party barge, and unchained only when Mendez demands their presence in his dungeon. After five weeks of Mendez's games and abuse the situation has grown dire, and they both know if they don't escape soon they'll end up buried at sea.