Mardi Maxwell





(Zarronian Warriors 5)

Coming Winter 2018

Zarronian warrior, Rolf Stenson planned to spend the last ten months of his life in the seediest gambling halls in the Xenti galaxy. His plans are disrupted when his honor forces him to accept an assignment to the dark side of Zhang. Believing the mission is an easy in and out he figures he can contact the unknown tribes living in the mountain caves, convince them to move to the light side of the planet, and still have nine months left to party before his mating fever blazes out of control and kills him.

Amara lives in a mountain village and is a cunning warrior who's earned the respect of her community. During a patrol she and her team members encounter an enemy group made up of several Wrothians and a warrior from an unknown race. She has a standing order to kill all intruders but something about the unknown warrior makes her want to keep him. Alive and in her possession.