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Wynter's Warrior (The Mating Challenge 1

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Wynter Fields is the daughter of two corrupt Senators who demand that she marry a man she despises. She’s given a reprieve when an alien Alliance arrives with a warning that the Vagar, the enemy who destroyed their home planets, is approaching Earth.

The Alliance offers to share their advanced weapons and to fight to save Earth in exchange for the right to use it as a home base. They also want some of Earth's females who are strong but submissive to volunteer to be their mates. Wynter knows this is her chance to have the kind of man she’s always wanted and the lifestyle she’s dreamed of living.

She volunteers and is claimed by Zaryq, a battle-tested warrior who is the leader of his people, the Za'Artha. He takes her to his starship where he has six days to train her to fight the enemy and to submit to him. Once the challenge begins they'll have three days of fighting to survive and two nights of sensual pleasure and submission. Losing the Mating Challenge is not an option. 

They'll join us to save Earth but in exchange they want willing mates.



Together they have six days to prepare for...

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