Mardi Maxwell


For MYSTIC REALMS: A Limited Edition Collection of Paranormal and Urban Fantasy Romances - releases April 10, 2018





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(Immortal Highland Warrior)

A Scottish Time Travel Romance

Ella Ross is fed up with her life. All she does is work, sleep, and work some more. When she sees a video of an isolated cottage in the Highlands of Scotland, and a sexy man in a kilt tells her to come to him, she doesn't even try to resist. The cottage, and the man, have woken something inside her. A hidden yearning she never knew she felt.

Terkel MacAsgaill is a warrior but also a man of learning. His twin brother, Quinlan, mocked his thirst for knowledge, and built a reputation for ruthlessness on the battlefields and in the bedrooms of the Highlands. When Quinlan met and wanted a beautiful, young healer, he knew she'd have nothing to do with him. He pretended to be Terkel but after he won her heart he cast her aside. 

In despair, the healer cursed Terkel, and his men. They would be immortal and doomed to live alone in a forgotten glen in the Highlands. Each warrior's only hope of happiness depends on his one true love finding him, falling in love with him, and choosing to stay in the glen with him. Forever.

Terkel has waited centuries for Ella. If she accepts his invitation will she love him? Will she choose to stay?






(Zarronian Warriors 5)

Coming Early Summer 2018

Zarronian warrior, Rolf Stenson travels to Zhang as an Ambassador for the Universal Council. His mating fever is nearing its final stage and he has just enough time to fulfill his mission before it blazes out of control and turns him into a rampaging berserker. Guided by a Wrothian resistance fighter he journeys into the mountains to make contact with the mysterious mountain dwellers and invite them to join the new governing Council of Zhang.  

Amara lives in one of the mountain communities and is a cunning warrior who's earned the respect of her community. During a patrol she and her team members encounter a group of Wrothians and three warriors from an unknown race. While she watches and works out a plan of attack. Her standing orders are to kill any intruder into their territory. 

Rolf wakes up in a dark cell. Amara appears and teases him about how easy it was to defeat him. He reminds her that he traveled under the banner of an Ambassador and then demands to be freed while promising future retribution. Before she can decide what to do with him the community leaders, including her mother, show up and welcome Rolf and his warriors. 

The negotiations begin but the more Rolf learns about the community, especially Amara, the more he realizes that something important is being kept from him.