Mardi Maxwell
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The Zarronians are a secretive society whose warriors suffer from a mating fever. The mating fever begins when the warrior is sixteen. It reaches its final stage at thirty-two when it turns the warrior into a rampaging berserker before it kills him. In the the past this wasn't a problem as the warriors knew their mates and bonded with them before they reached the final stage. This also assured the warrior that his bondmate would love him. This changed when their enemy, the Wrothians, attacked their planet and killed the Zarronian females.  Since then each warrior searches the stars for a compatible female to bond with but even if he finds her there's no guarantee she'll love him. That's something he'll have to earn. These books are steamy. The heroes are rough and you may want to slap the crap out of them. The females put up with a lot from them but they win in the end.




The five Ramsey brothers were adopted by Jake and Katherine Ramsey after their parents died in a car crash. They grew up on The Ramsey Ranch in east Texas, served in the military and now they've returned home. The oldest, Cade, works for a large security agency owned by Thor Larkin. Jackson runs the ranch and raises and trains horses. Luc and Logan manage, Club Mystique, the BDSM club the five brothers built on the south side of the ranch. The youngest brother Zane is an attorney in Dallas. The brothers are Doms and they each have issues from their past that affect their relationships with the women in their lives. The books can be read as standalone but they're more enjoyable if read in the order they were written. These books are very erotic and explicit but also romantic with HEAs.






In 2230 aliens invaded Earth and built fortresses all over the planet. Earth's leaders tried to make contact with the aliens but were met with silence. When it was discovered that the fortresses were terraforming Earth's atmosphere the military attacked but was defeated by the aliens advanced technology. The changes poison the land and air and causes the deaths of the males of every species. After the last human male dies the women are left alone to survive in whatever way they can. The future is bleak until an alien structure is found hidden in a cave. The scientists discover that its a time travel and transportation device. They learn how to operate it and a task force is formed to go back in time and bring elite soldiers into the future. The warriors are retrieved just seconds before their deaths and given the choice to return to their own time or stay in the future and fight for Earth's survival.  





A group of aliens with a common enemy, the Vagar, form an alliance and travel through space searching for a new home. When they find Earth they warn the leaders that the Vagar are nearby and then they negotiate a deal. In exchange for their advanced technology and their help in saving Earth from the Vagar they want two things. The right to look for mates among Earth's population and the opportunity for some of them to settle on Earth. The aliens come from many planets and each race has their own cultural believes and needs. They have one thing in common...they're all warriors with specific needs in a mate. Any female who is chosen will have to be willing to face the Mating Challenge of her warriors people. The heroes is this series are shifters, vampires, and Dominants. Sometimes they're a combination.