Mardi Maxwell people are great bakers (thank you, I love pastries embarassed). Some people are great artists (thank you, I love lots of color and beautiful landscapes). I'm just an ordinary person who happens to write a book every now and then. One of the things I love about writing is the research I get to do. I intend to be a lifetime learner (you might run into me at a local university while I audit a class - no more tests or tuition for me lol). I read just about anything although my two favorite genres (right now) are romance and end of world novels (zombies, EMPs, CMEs, etc.). 

I like unplanned road trips with frequent, unexpected stops to see interesting things (like that 13' alligator in Mississippi). I believe in UFOs, ghosts, and that sometimes when things go bump in the night there really might be a monster under the bed. 

I like novels with lots of laughs, a few tears and a happy ending so that's what I write as well. When I'm not writing I'm having fun with my family and friends.

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