Mardi Maxwell

I've always dreamed of writing for a living and now that the dream has come true I enjoy chatting with my readers and doing research (sometimes those two things turn out to be the same, so beware). I'm an avid reader and addicted to movies, especially old black and white horror movies, John Wayne and Robert Mitchum (oh, and don't forget Steve McQueen).

I might be that friend you can't take anywhere and leave unsupervised...come on you know you have one, too! Along with unplanned adventures I enjoy traveling with frequent, unexpected stops to see interesting things, like that 13' alligator in Mississippi. The more unusual the adventure the better. I believe in UFOs, ghosts, and that sometimes when things go bump in the night there really might be a zombie or an alien under the bed.

I love romance novels with lots of laughs, a few tears and a happy ending. You'll find the same things in the books I write. When I'm not writing I'm busy having fun with my family and friends, and trying out new DIY projects around the house and yard.

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